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Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform built to fast forward the way companies create relevant customer experiences everywhere. We help digital officers, marketers and developers to move into a new state where they spend less time integrating data and more time being creative with data.

Who is this for?

This site is primarly for technically oriented persons (i.e. architects, developers) that want to know more about Occtoo and how to work with the platform. Secondly it is aimed at users of the Occtoo Studio, providing guidence on how to perform differents tasks to easier bring new digital experiences to life!

Linus Torvalds, the main developer behind Linux and GIT, has a famous quote: "Talk is cheap. Show me the code" and if this is your feeling reading so far we recommend you to hit the button below and get in touch with our eminent team!

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Turning your Enterprise data into Experience data - what do we mean?

Your organization likely handles tons of data across various systems: your product managers working in the PIM/PLM area, your distributors updating shipping information in the WMS or OMS, and your marketing and sales team in the CRM - This data is in an Enterprise state. This way of storing data slows the data down and using the data outside the core application is harder and it is not scaled for servicing external requests when building customer-facing applications.

In the Experience state, the data is fast, and easy to unify, segment, filter, and distribute using simple tools that your digital team has access to at their fingertips. You should be able to create application-specific data endpoints only containing the data needed in a matter of minutes and not days or weeks, WITHOUT lengthy integrations!

To turn Enterprise data into Experience data it must be stripped down into its simplest form, making it free from its old data model (data shape); in Occtoo this is a simple key-value format (Occtoo Source).

Occtoo removes the existing structure from your data and pushes it from its original source through Occtoo. It then rebuilds that purpose and that structure in order to make it available fast and repurpose it for the different needs and different frontends. Occtoo is a Digital Experience Composition.

Occtoo's purpose is to on-board and expose the data in new APIs: moving it from enterprise state to experience state.

Interested in knowing more? Have a look at the following video where our CTO gives his take on modern front-end solutions!