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Call a destination API


In order to get the maximum amount of value from this guide it is recommended to read up on the following concept

A destination is created from Occtoo Studio. When creating a destination there are different properties that have to be set:

  • Identifier: used in the URL to identify the destination
  • Languages: the different languages that are should be available for the destination
  • Regions: the regions where the destination will be hosted
  • Endpoints: the individual data points exposed for the destination

A destination can be either public or protected. A public destination is available for anyone with access to the URL and there is no authentication required. To prevent public access, the destination can be created as protected. This requires an access token to retrieve any data from the destination.

Each destination has a unique URL which consists of the customer identifier, the destination identifier and the destination version. Destination versions allow for having different instances of the destination running simultaneously to allow for doing changes without breaking existing destination consumers.


There can only be three active versions of a destination.